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From our Master Breeder family

Fleury Talent Lorraine EX 2E 5* *RDC   Holstein Canada
Daughters x Wildman, Sanchez, Fever & Dempsey
Lorraine's daughter

Fleury Sanchez Lorilee EX-91  Holstein Canada
5-01 365 17,063 kg 4.0% 3.2% (282-305-284)
1st 5 Y-Yr-Old Victoriaville 2015
Nom. All-Canadian and H.M. Tout-Québec 2010
Daughters x Fever & Windbrook
Lorilee's daughter

Fleury Fever Lee VG-86  Holstein Canada
3-02 365 15 900 kg 3,6% 3,2% (310-297-301)
From the same family of Lorraine

Fleury Jordan Laureate  Holstein Canada
2nd Inter. calf Victoriaville 2012
Dams: Leduc VG-88, Allen GP-83, Formation VG, Aerostar Lausa VG-87
From the same family of Lorraine

Brainwave Goldwyn Lauren EX-92 2E 2*  Holstein Canada
2nd Senior 2-Yr-Old Victoriaville 2009
Her dam: Fleury Formation Lauria EX-95 3E 8*
Full Sister to Lauren

Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie EX-95 2E  Holstein Canada
1st 5-Yr-Old & Res. Gr. Champion Nat. Convention Show 2012
H.M. All-American 2009 & 2010
2nd Jr. 2-Yr-Old RAWF 2009
6th Jr. 2-Yr-Old WDE Madison 2009
Owned by Westcoast Holsteins
Dam of Lauren & Lauramie

Fleury Formation Lauria EX-95 3E 8*   Holstein Canada
Res. All-Ontario 2006
Nom. All-Canadian 2003
Owned by Icon Holsteins
From the same family of Lorraine

Fleury Luckystar Lionne VG-88  Holstein Canada
Dams: VG-88 2*• VG-88 2* • Lausa VG-87 22* • VG-87 3* • EX 2E • VG • EX • VG
Our Master Breeder Family

Fleury Aerostar Lausa VG-87 22*  Holstein Canada